Drug Delivery

Rocket Science Health (RSH) is a private company engaged in the development of a nose-to-brain delivery platform for drugs to treat Central Nervous System conditions, including mood disorders and neurological diseases.

Our mission is to positively transform brain health by improving the efficacy of central nervous system drugs and increasing patient access to these drugs through paradigm-shifting innovation and an emphasis on low-cost development. 



Humanistic design.

We believe people are at the center and agency is core to well-being. Where self-administration is a possibility over clinical delivery, we place emphasis on providing greater control to the patient or caregiver in their home or community. Enabling patients to be active participants in regaining and maintaining their health is as important as the therapy itself. 

Accessibility for all.

We stand against financial toxicity in healthcare. We focus on cost-effectiveness from the ground up, aware that pennies can limit access to care. Our goal is to reach as many people in need as possible. Profitable growth, essential for sustainability, will follow good science and social responsibility. 

Impact as a forethought.

We believe that social impact is not an afterthought. There is room in good business process, design protocol, and regulation for early engagement of those with the greatest need. Doing good requires deliberate intent, rigor and resources. And developing for people in the most severe circumstances and austere environments will lead to a superior design with broader applications. 

The collective power of trust.

We’re not insiders. We don’t have a long history in the healthcare system. The trust we earned elsewhere is not currency on which we can solely rely. Our reputation is built on how we work together and catalyze a community of different voices and perspectives. The teammates we choose, the people we collaborate with, and the partnerships we form determine our trustworthiness.


David Alt


Kenza Coubrough

Rocket Science Health

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Peter Oxley



Fortitude is a private, impact-investment company founded by Kenneth Irving (‘Irv’) of Victoria, B.C. The company is focused on concept stage of business development. Businesses are non-zero sum, encourage reduced consumption, embrace digital age constructs, and have real potential for positive change at global scale. Decisions are inspired by the career and life experiences of Fortitude’s partners.

Investments rely heavily on the intellectual and social capital of individuals, not financial might. Fortitude’s value is achieved by exceptional engagement of diverse people and partners motivated by mutual trust and respect.


StarFish is a leading service provider and Medical Device Design company with a full complement of design, development, and manufacturing services. We successfully partner with innovative companies (both large and small) to create breakthrough products for a number of medical specialty areas.

Medical device product definition, technical engineering and product development use our proprietary Pathfinder™ process.  Prototype and volume production are delivered in an ISO 13485 certified facility with FDA registration and class 100,000 clean room capabilities.